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October 25, 2013
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Minimal Theme for Mavericks (with Installer!) by k-profiler Minimal Theme for Mavericks (with Installer!) by k-profiler
NB: This theme is not yet Retina-compatible. If you'd like to see a Retina version, volunteer to help me edit the image files.:thumbsup:

* Update (Sep 6): Check out a new Hard Core version of this theme.8-)

* Update (Jul 17): Works fine on 10.9.4:thumbsup:

* Update (Mar 11): Check out a preview of the dock I'll soon be adding to the theme! Just download cDock and make your own.:thumbsup:

* Update (Mar 6): Added a direct link to my Minimal White theme, as I noticed someone has posted a mod of it (using not only the same name, but also copy-pasted text from my theme's description.):O

* Update (Feb 28): Confirmed working fine on 10.9.2:thumbsup: (Tips 1 and 3 may need updates from other developers to start working.)

* Update (Nov 5): Integrated the theme with Obsidian Menu Bar and DockMod. See here for a screenshot.

* Update (Oct 27): Took a screenshot to showcase different apps.


It took a sick number of hours to make this happen. Hope you like it!:):):)

(Join #flatOSX to be the first to hear about updates, related app skins, etc.:thumbsup:)


To install:

1) Before running the installer, download and install Flavours (from and Minimal White theme (by yours truly) from the in-app "store" (here is a direct link to my theme). Without these (i.e. some nice proprietary tweaks), the theme won't work properly. (YES, you need them installed BEFORE proceeding with the installer.)

2) Take time to carefully read through and follow the instructions in the installer. (Seriously, you may regret it if you don't…)

3) If you're using my iTunes skin, hard-exclude iTunes in Flavours (Preferences --> Exclusions --> Window Background: --> "Ignore for apps..." and select iTunes)

4) Log out for all changes to take effect.

(To uninstall, follow the instructions in the installer; uninstall Minimal White theme in Flavours; and reinstate the files you manually backed up.)


To set your own titlebar color:

1) After completing all the steps listed above, go to /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/CoreUI.framework/Versions/A/Resources/ and copy SArtFile.bin to a more convenient location.

2) Open Flavours, edit the Minimal White theme, and change the active window fill layer to a color of your liking. Then reapply the theme. (NB: I suggest taking a screenshot to confirm the RGB code of your new color, as Flavours outputs a tiny bit different color than it says it will.)

3) Decode the SArtFile.bin you copied in step 1 using sartFileTool; change the files 86-1.png, 88-1.png and 90-1.png to your new color; re-encode the SArtFile using the same tool; and copy it back to its original location.

4) To change the color of your tabs, edit the appropriate image files in the following folders:

/Library/Application Support/Flavours/Flavours/Current/Finder/Contents/Resources 

/Library/Application Support/Flavours/Flavours/Current/Safari/Contents/Resources 

/Library/Application Support/Flavours/Flavours/Current/Xcode/Resources 

5) Back up the image files you edited in step 4 (these get overwritten every time you apply a theme) and log out.

<da:thumb id="410250734">

^ Here's an example of how it'll come out.



1) To change the sidebar color in Finder (and VLC), install FB Eye by alexzielenski (Click on the release tab to download a pre-compiled version. Then just drag FBEye.bundle to EasySIMBL, and set the colors using FBEye

2) To remove window titles, install GlobalNoWindowIcon and run the terminal command: defaults write -g NSTitleBarFont invisible (For this command to work, you'll need to have the font installed that comes with my iTunes skin package.) (This combo does a better job than GlobalNoWindowTitle, which you can also use if you don't want to play around with fonts.) (NB: If you're having trouble with the invisible font, restore the original font by replacing "invisible" in the above terminal command with "LucidaGrande".)

3) To get the non-bold Safari tab font, run the terminal command: defaults write -g NSBoldSystemFont LucidaGrande (The default value is LucidaGrande-Bold.)

4) To remove the text below the Dock's Grid view icons (as shown here), create aliases of the apps you want to show in the Grid inside a folder; rename the aliases with spaces (" " [one space], " " [two spaces], and so forth); and drag the folder to the Dock.

5) To get a shadowless version of the theme (as shown here), install ShadowKiller (if you can find a working link) or Nocturne, and Window Magician (to keep your app windows in place). (NB: I'll add bordered versions of Stacks and Push Notification Banners to the installer if there's demand for them.)

6) To get a dark version of the theme, follow instructions here.

7) To auto-hide the menubar, install Menufela or Menu and Dockless (The former works better, but is more difficult to install.)

8) To integrate the theme with Obsidian Menu Bar and DockMod, follow these instructions.

9) Reduce window shadow size using this fantastic SIMBL plugin!!!

:new: 10) Check out a new Hard Core version of this theme (with added borders, removed shadows, and no title bars)

(Lots of additional tips to come later on…)


OS: Guess.:P

VS: This one.:P

Wallpaper: Blue Mountains posterized


As always, all comments, questions and suggestions are most welcome.:)

(NB: If you'd like to improve the theme in some way, drop me a note. After you've sent me your stuff, I'll credit you for your work.:))
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2C4M Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2014
Could you remind me how to change the finder sidebar color?
firsttenormtv Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm having trouble downloading your flavours theme through flavours for some reason.  Would you be able to send me a direct link to the file so I can manually download it?
k-profiler Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2014
Nope, because doing so would allow people with pirated versions of Flavours to access it.;)
template Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2014
Why is your Mac's processor "Unknown"?
And a Mac with just 2GB RAM?
k-profiler Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2014
The screenshot is from a virtual machine with messed up settings, but it came out so well I just had to use it.:D
firsttenormtv Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Makes sense, I figured out the problem anyway so it's all good :) (Smile) 
Witt10 Featured By Owner May 14, 2014
Could you explain precisely how you decode and then re-encode the SArtFile.bin with sartFileTool? I tried to do it but I've been unable to decode it. Sweating a little... 

k-profiler Featured By Owner May 28, 2014
The instructions and terminal commands are written clearly on the GitHub page. If that stuff strikes you as too hard, well, I'm at a loss..... You see, the thing is, I often get requests for instructions on how to use Terminal, for example -- easy stuff that people can google and teach themselves in 30 minutes. I don't want to seem like an elitist ass, but I also can't write articles explaining every single thing that's necessary for OSX theming. Gotta draw the line somewhere.:) I'm sure you can figure everything out by searching the right keywords.:) HTH and I wish you (and everyone else reading this) the best of luck.:)
rudy809 Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2014  Student General Artist
My good dear friend: I have an issue. Perhaps not to do with the theme but with Flavours. I installed it before and it worked fine. But after a while idk what happened. I keep trying to install 1.1.3 but when i run it, it says i need to install the helper, i do and it says fail. I have tried numerous ways but is the same loop. I eve whipped the program completely with my question is could this problem be cause because theres a Flavour option in the installer of your file. Please let me know. I would like to run your theme since is looks amazing. Cheers bud!
k-profiler Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2014
Umm, not sure why you'd install 1.1.3 when the newest version is 1.1.10... At any rate, you should ask that question over at the Flavours support forum. The staff there is very helpful.:thumbsup:

As for the "Flavours option" in my theme, it only adds a few image files to Library --> Application support --> Flavours. Can't imagine they would cause something to not install; however, you can always try deleting the whole folder.:shrug:

HTH and glad you like the theme.:)
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